our Head Chef

Motoki Saito

With over 25 years of experience, Saito has previously worked as the head chef at Izakaya Hachibeh, Melbourne for 10 years. He has also gained vital knowledge and skills as Chef de Partie in other Japanese restaurants KOKO in Crown. Born in Osaka, Japan, Saito has a strong passion for combining traditional Japanese cuisine with fresh seasonal produce to bring out the authenticity of flavours. We are proud to have Saito collaborate with us at Toki and hope to educate our diners with authentic Japanese dining.


Head Chef

our Chef

York Tu

A passionate young chef with an impressive resume working with restaurants in Taiwan and Japan, York is an avid traveler, and has had the opportunity to explore a diverse range of cuisines while living and working overseas. He finds the life of a chef fulfilling and enjoys bringing people together for a delicious and hearty meal. Working in Hilton group before joining Toki.

Working under Saito, York can expand his knowledge and help bring exotic flavours and different cooking techniques to Toki.



our Sushi Chef

Kazuto Okita

With over 50 years of experience as a sushi chef, Kazuto is truly a master and has perfected the art of sushi. He has spent many years training and working in multiple businesses in Japan and Australia, and maintaining the ancient Japanese tradition of sushi is an extremely high honor. We are glad to have him on our team at Toki serving fresh sushi.


Sushi Chef